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Solagraf, an industry-leading SaaS for the solar industry, was seeking a solution to quickly take action on shifting Cost per Client (CPC) based on business needs.

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Solargraf, an industry-leading SaaS for the solar sector, offers a software solution that helps businesses (B2B) to sell their solar panel installation more effectively.

Solargraf was founded in 2013 as a solar lead generation company in Montreal, Canada. As that side of the business grew, the profit was reinvested into the sales platform. Since the product was so unique and effective, it gained clients and grew very quickly.

Quick Wins


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Efective meetings

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Blind tactics

Solargraf’s ‘cost per client’ fluctuated significantly month over month, that was a fact. 

Despite owning a powerful CRM tool, the first challenge was identifying the channels and campaigns that needed optimization. 

The main issue was that channel and digital specialists were not able to link their CRM data to day to day tactics

In this chaotic scenario, not being able to measure progress towards business goals was like moving forward blindly without maps or compasses. Making the appropriate tactical choices was really challenging. 

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Decluttering data to optimise efforts 

After conducting a situational analysis and an internal audit to better understand the technical aspects, we began by building a custom made reporting solution in partnership with our tech providers to connect all digital channels to the CRM. 

Building this system was possible by using a 3rd party tool that integrated with the tools used internally at Solargraf. 


We presented this live dynamic report as the one and only source of truth for Marketing & Sales performance.



The report was developed to answer each team’s individual questions that would allow them to make the right tactical decisions, finally data-driven. In the creation of this dynamic report, it involved the following: 

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Time: Segment the report by week and month in order to understand trends, seasonality and compared period over period.
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Channels: Segment data by channels.  This would enable experts in digital marketing to recognize opportunities and/or gaps.
Campaigns: By segmenting the data by time, channel, and, moreover, campaign, the specialist could strengthen their day-to-day optimizations.  
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Sales funnel: understand conversion rates on the different sales touchpoints.
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Type of leads: understand the difference in performance based on the type of leads generated. For example, if our target audience is a business (B2B) and we see that a specific channel or campaign is bringing end consumers (B2C), being able to identify this is key to shift budgets and avoid spending on non-qualified leads.


The Results

A live and dynamic report was built which allowed us to gather daily data from all sources.

Solargraf’s ‘cost per client’ dropped by over 25% and it remained steady, displaying smaller fluctuations in the months that followed. 


Having this control over data allowed the teams to improve on other digital marketing and sales areas and continue to grow the business.

+25% clients

By lowering the overall CAC which represented optimal spending efficiencies

-25% CAC

Enabling more efficient budget usage across all marketing channel distributions

1 system

One live dynamic report solution for marketing and sales

+20% Efective meeting

Having a better understanding of the current situation at all times, as a result of the comprehensive report, teams were more focused on the launch of new project strategies


Despite the technology and automation solution displayed, what made Solargraf’s project a success was the incredible team working behind the scenes. All together we learnt, built, grew and always gave the extra mile.


Ixone Isasi

CEO at PaidStrategy 

“It’s a process that we've perfected over the years, and we’re passionate about helping clients achieve growth through strategically designed performance marketing.”

Elba Nino

Marketing Director at Solargraf

“The best thing about PaidStrategy is they made our lives easier. They talked us through every step and made it easy to understand which strategies were the most effective for our needs”


We are PaidStrategy, a data-driven digital performance agency working for brands that harbour big ambitions providing solutions and delivering results from the very beginning.


Gone are the days of just creating campaigns for the sake of having them. That's money thrown away. With the right tools and the right knowledge, we put more thought into your overall performance strategy with a solid roadmap to help deliver marketing results.


Finding the right agency for your SaaS is key. Although we would dearly love to work with you, you should spend time looking for the best fit for you and your business.


In the meantime, we have packed our Solar SaaS Marketing & Sales knowledge to help you make your decision. Marketing is such a big investment, so it is worth to learn more about solutions that have already worked in your industry.


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