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These solutions are divided into 4 key sections

According to the User Journey Map, we have covered all the important touch points as well as the intersection through cross-functional teams.


Having an overall business game's plan with a clear vision, realistic goals and selected channels is key to align the marketing team and maximize efforts.

Make sure you work on a yearly sales & marketing plan. We recommend both departments to align on objectives and tactics in order to put each department plan together and avoid working in silos.

Build a Marketing Intel: conduct a workshop to define different buyer personas for each vertical and your service's Unique Selling Propositions 

Build a dedicated tactical Marketing Performance Plan

Define budgets and objectives​ by answering:

- ​How much budget do you need in total to achieve your sales revenue?

- How much budget per channel do you need?

- How are you going to measure the success of each channel?

- What other resources do you need

- Make sure you budget human/software resources on your plan

Define a tactical plan for each channel

- ​If you are outsourcing channels to external agencies, ask their help to support you on this step.



Define what support from your Creative and Content team will be needed to deliver your plan.

Make sure you establish a roadmap with clear deadlines.





Understanding the specific challenges of a Solar SaaS funnel will enable you to find a perfect balance between inbound marketing and paid media. See below some considerations to be aware of during execution:

Google, both paid and organic, should be your TOP channels. There is a very high demand on the search engine and competitor’s are heavily investing in it. Although budgets on these channels can go very high, the Cost per Client (CAC) are also expected to be the lowest.



It is crucial that you invest on strong remarketing channels like Criteo or Adroll. These supporting channels help you:

  • ​Improve your conversion rates from users who have already engaged with your brand

  • Lower your overall CAC.



Once you have maximized your search and remarketing channels, grow by pushing upper funnel channels like Youtube, LinkedIn, Capterra, Display etc.

*Be aware that most of the upper channels need extra resources from your creative and content team which will support the performance/paid media team. Plan these resources ahead of your campaign launch dates!



Your paid media channels should only be focused to generate NEW leads and clients.


Therefore make sure your digital marketing & sales reports are properly segmenting new and repeat clients to calculate the CAC accordingly.



As new leads are acquired, do not retarget them through paid media, instead use your OWNED resources to nurture these leads and convert them to clients.


Examples of your owned resources are:


Email, social media or your dedicated sales team.



You should create dedicated pages for each of your software service (sales, design, shading… etc) ​

  • Avoid having solo landing pages. Solo landing pages do not let users properly engage with your brand and learn from the different service offerings. Instead, make sure these dedicated service-related pages are part of your overall website strategy.

  • The more you A/B test on your website the more you can increase your traffic conversion rates (convert traffic to leads). This tactic will help improve performances for all your channels.



A Free Sign-up model has a higher lead conversion rate than a Book a Demo model.


The conversion path and call-to-actions are very different in both models

A free trial is more attractive, engaging and more readily available than booking a demo, resulting in higher lead conversion rates.

However, in the book a demo model, closing rates (from lead to client) might be higher as sales reps have the opportunity to fully explain the tool and address the lead's needs.



Create a strong Pricing page with a clear CTA to convert visitors into leads as this page is the second most visited page after the homepage. ​

  • Your navigation menu is key - Pricing and Sign Up pages should be visible at all times.

  • These tactics will help you increase your traffic conversion rates.





Communicating qualified and non qualified leads to the paid performance team, will heavily support them on understanding how to better optimize campaigns towards the business objectives. 

A CRM workflow strategy will help you increase your sales closing rates (turning leads into clients).

  • Track sales touchpoints as much as possible to understand drop off. Thus allowing you to understand where you need to fix and allocate resources.

  • Track both qualified and non-qualified leads to support and communicate the marketing team.



In the Solar SaaS industry, there is a big risk to acquire traffic from B2C (homeowners) instead of B2B (businesses that install panels to end consumers). Here are some solutions to target your B2B audience more effectively.

  • Ask in the  web form if the user is a consumer or a business

  • This can easily be tracked by your paid media team and will help them understand which campaigns are mostly bringing B2B and B2C leads. Those campaigns that bring B2B leads, budgets should be increased and those campaigns that bring B2C leads, budgets should be decreased.​

  • Pro tip: setup a workflow on your CRM to automatically track Qualify and Unqualify leads based on this form

  • When sales teams manually qualify leads after the first call with the client, there is a high risk of the sales team not filling the information on your CRM. This can only be overcome by ongoing supervision and proper communication to the team by supervisors and managers.





Spending some initial time on developing a simple yet insightful dashboard will help on visualizing data and optimizing actions without losing focus on the goals.

Strategize and plan for a reporting solution to understand your CAC at channel and campaign level

  • The marketing performance marketing team should have the full view of these marketing and sales reports to optimize campaigns.


  • Connect paid media channel budgets and data to your sales performance. This will help you understand CAC and ROI at channel and campaign level. Unfortunately the data provided by most CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce are very limited to provide you with the full marketing-sales view and therefore, most probably, a 3rd party reporting solution will need to be integrated to develop this type of report



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What our clients say

Elba Nino,

Marketing Director at Enphase

“The best thing about PaidStrategy is they made our lives easier. They talked us through every step and made it easy to understand which strategies were the most effective for our needs”

Gian Carlo Di Tommaso,


Ixone has exceptional analytical skills and business acumen. Her ability to understand the needs of the companies in an in-depth way to strategize more effectively is really impressive.”

Iván Rodriguez de Azero,

President & CEO at DescubreGroup

Ixone is easy to work with because she communicates extremely well. Our team felt supported from the first meeting.”

Mike Sherman,

Global Media Director at L'Oréal

"I was lucky enough to have Ixone on my team for 2 great years. She is an excellent digital marketer and is driven by her clients’ success. She was a pleasure to work with and a motivating team member whose positivity always shone through. She is able to look at challenges from multiple angles to find creative solutions to drive performance "

Nicole Brand,

Solutions Architect at Salesforce

Ixone and her team are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all things digital. I've worked with Ixone and her team at a couple of companies now and each time they come with a clear structure and plan for how to setup our digital channels, track our leads and ROI, and how to help us to reach our digital objectives. Ixone has a strong understanding of how tech companies work which makes working with her so much smoother. She knows what your challenges are and she knows how the internal processes work. Ixone is an excellent communicator, thrives on excellence, and is without a doubt one of the best in the business”